Postquam Criogel cooling gel 200ml

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Anti-cellulite hypothermic gel, firming and relaxing for legs


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67,00 € 12,00 €


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Postquam | Postquam Criogel cooling gel 200ml

Cellulite is one of the undesirable effects of fat accumulation under the skin and occurs in both thicker and thinner people, especially on the legs and buttocks, but can also be found in the belly and arms.

On the other hand, tired legs and poor circulation are a common problem among the general population, and if these two uncomfortable problems occur at the same time, the solution is Postquam Criogel gel with a cold effect 200ml

Thanks to its components, it produces a keratolytic effect on fat nodules, firms the skin and improves circulation while refreshing your legs thanks to menthol, alkander and eucalyptus.

If cellulite and tired legs attack you at the same time don't hesitate, PostquamCryogeniccold effect gel is your salvation!

Instructions for use

In case of tired legs, apply morning and evening, with a gentle massage that favors the absorption, always from the bottom up, favouring the venous return of the legs


Guaranine (caffeine and theobromine), Green tea extract, Red vine extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Centella asiatica extract, Ivy extract, Fucus extract, Alcohol, Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus.


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Pharmaceutical Advice

Tired legs are a common problem and are due to the difficulty of blood returning to the heart from the extremities, especially from the legs. By means of a massage with a cold effect gel and with components that favour circulation, such as ginkgo or centella asiatica, we will contribute to a good blood circulation. Massage should always be from the bottom up.

Remember that the best aid for good circulation in the legs is a good rest and keep your legs straight as long as possible.

Regarding cellulite, remember that a healthy diet free of saturated fats and regular exercise are essential to prevent and/or combat it;




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