Pranarôm Lavender essential oil 10ml

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Ecological oil to regenerate the skin and speed up its healing process


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10,56 € 7,40 €


Pranarôm | Pranarôm Lavender essential oil 10ml

These essential oils are concentrated pure natural elements which will allow you to relax and revitalise your body. In combination with fruits or vegetables, its functions are varied and useful for moments of unforgettable relaxation.

Pranarôm lavender essential oil is only made from organically grown lavender.  It has antispasmodic properties and is an excellent sedative. But, above all, this essential oil stands out for its skin healing and regenerating qualities.

It is also recommended to use these oils in your bath or with vapirosers, as breathing it in through inhalations will help to expectorate and relax the respiratory system. It is particularly effective in the case of infantile cough. By using it with a vaporiser before bedtime, it will help us go to sleep.

What properties does Pranarôm Lavender essential oil?

  • It is a relaxing and invigorating oil
  • It possesses antispasmodic and sedative properties
  • Healing regenerator
  • It promotes the respiratory system and dream conciliation

It rests in depth with Pranarôm lavender essential oil!

Instructions for use

How to use Pranarôm Lavender essential oil

Depending on the type of benefits you want to obtain, the essential oil can be taken through the skin, by air or orally. It should be borne in mind that the skin and aerial pathways are the preferred ones, as the oral pathway must be used with great care and depends on the type of essential oil.

Through the skin: Mix a few drops of essential oil with a vegetable oil that acts as a vector (almond oil, jojoba oil or sesame oil) and massage the most receptive parts of the body, where the skin is very thin and facilitates absorption, such as temples, inside of the wrists or the inside of the ankles. A massage on the lumbar and lower abdomen is also very beneficial. Remember that it is always better to apply the essential oil in the evening (some plants are photo-sensitive and if they come in contact with sunlight, it can cause erythema), preferably after showering and upon wet skin.

By air: Use a PRANARŌM vaporiser or an essential oils diffuser. Pour a few drops and allow it to disperse in the environment. By using the essential oil vaporiser, it is also possible to mix several essences according to the benefits you want to obtain.




I recommend it, I use it with bicarbonate and vinegar for cleaning, washing clothes, scrubbing the floor ... its aroma is fantastic, also use it with other oils and olive oil first press for a sprained ankle

Maryam T.

Oil with very good smell and relaxing, it seems that you are in the middle of the field

Yolanda B.



I love to ppnerlo in the diffuser at night and get a relaxing atmosphere for the sleep of my children

Anonymous A.

It smells great

Anonymous A.

detailed specification

Anonymous A.

Very good

Anonymous A.

It smells good. I make a few drops on the pillow and it helps you sleep better.

Anonymous A.

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