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Prisma Natural is a prestigious Spanish brand specialized in natural cosmetic and nutrition products. Prisma Natural's catalogue is very wide and complete and includes such well-known products as Colagen Plus and Adipo-Block.

Colagen Plus

Colagen plus is one of the star products of Prisma Natural. It is an anti-ageing supplement rich in hyaluronic acid to combat skin ageing and regenerate the skin. Colagen Plus is ideal for slowing down the signs of aging, slowing down and strengthening joints and bones. Try Colagen Plus now and your body will thank you for it.


Adipo-Block is a food supplement designed to promote the combustion of accumulated fats. Adipo-Block has a powerful fat burning effect that is ideal for losing those extra pounds and achieving a healthier, slimmer and slimmer figure. Promotes fat burning and weight loss with the slimming supplement Adipo-Block.