Propolaid Rino spray 20ml


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Immediate relief from flu-like processes


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Propolaid | Propolaid Rino spray 20ml

There is no other remedy as effective as natural ingredients to relieve a cold process. Thanks to their decongestive power, they allow unobstructed free breathing. You will notice how the pains and itching caused by the irritant coughs are reduced and your well-being is greatly improved.

Propolaid Rino spray is an effective remedy for flu symptoms and pains. Formulated with a microbiologically pure saline solution, it manages to alleviate all the pain, discomfort and symptoms that the cold produces in your body.

You will be able to breathe more freely and comfortably, without blockages, and you will feel immediate and lasting comfort. You will notice how your pains subside, your cough diminishes and the feeling of tiredness disappears.

It reduces the symptoms that the cold causes you!

Instructions for use

Take 3 or 4 applications a day.


Propolis hydroalcoholic solution (flavonoids exp. in galangina 0.7%) 35-40 mg/ml, hamamelis hydroalcoholic macerate 0.5, purified water.


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