Radarhealth anti-dust mite home air purifier Rh-502 1pc


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39,38 €

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Purifies the air and fights dust allergy caused by dust mites


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RADARHEALTH | Radarhealth anti-dust mite home air purifier Rh-502 1pc

The indoor environment in homes is an ionic charged environment, polluted by smoke, dust, poor air conditioning, odors, etc. Dust mite stools cause the allergy known as"dust allergy" and are the major cause of asthma.

Radarhealth's Rh-502 home air purifier cleans the air by ionization and fights dust allergy through an anti-mite system. With its ION.EVO1.0 technology, it balances the environment by means of a high production of negative ions (beneficial), to give us a greater physical well-being and environmental comfort in the interior of our home.

Its action is preventive and improves the environment of the room where you have it installed. Its operation is totally silent, it allows to purify the air without the need of using motors or fans

*It is essential for allergic, asthmatic or hypersensitive people such as people with respiratory problems or children, for indoor use. It has a coverage of up to 25 m².

Feel a completely healthy, hygienic and fresh environment with Radarhealth.

Instructions for use

It is as simple as taking it out of the box and plugging it into the room of the house most affected by mites.



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