Rehydrate-T™ gelatine sachet freezable various flavours 8 uts

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Highly moisturizing food supplement that can be consumed frozen or as an oral serum



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REHIDRATA-T | Rehydrate-T™ gelatine sachet freezable various flavours 8 uts

If you need to hydrate to combat fatigue, you can choose a glass of water or an isotonic drink... or drink a sweet jelly that, in addition to providing you with the same amount of water, you will enjoy more.

Rehydrate-T® Sachet gelatine gelatine is a product designed to moisturize both children and adults. Thanks to a balanced formulation of glucose and electrolytes, they are your perfect ally if you need to recharge and hydrate your body after sport or excessive effort, as well as to recover after vomiting or diarrhoea.

Gelatines can be eaten either fresh or frozen, as they do not lose their properties when refrigerated, this product includes 8 single doses of 4 different flavours: strawberry, lemon, orange and cola (two units of each flavour).

*Suitable for coeliacs, diabetics and vegetarians.

Eat them whenever you want: they're tasty and moisturizing!

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SODIUM CHLORIDE (BIO). E950 acesulfame potassium (educolrant). GLUCOSE. Sodium ion (sodium). CARRAGAEN (CHONDRUS CRISPUS) (A). Potassium ion (potassium). E331 (i) monosodium citrate. CHLORINE ION (CHLORIDE). POTASSIUM CHLORIDE. E202 potassium sorbate.



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