Silence Aerosol Spray 50 ml


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24,59 €

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Silence | Silence Aerosol Spray 50 ml

If you're one of those people who can't sleep at night because of the annoying snoring you experience at night, and who also start your day with sore throats like dryness in the morning, it's time to fight root snoring.

Silence is a new generation oral anti-snoring spray that acts on the tissues of the throat, where snoring occurs.This product is the result of research carried out on the specific study of the tissues of the throat where physiological conditions are found that often do not allow anti-snoring methods to work.

Silence is fully adapted to contribute to the physiology of the throat to help fight nasal congestion that gives you a soothing sleep. Avoid the annoying snoring that prevents you from sleeping at night.

Don't let snoring take over your dreams!

Instructions for use

Before going to bed, shake the container vigorously. Spray once the product is at the bottom of the throat for 1 second. Swallow. Then spray a second time. Swallow.


Phosphatidylcholine* (extract of plant origin), Glycerine, carrageenanates, Canine rose (dry extract, cinorrodon), sodium methyl-para-hydroxybenzoate, aspartame, sodium propyl-para-hydroxybenzoate, citric acid, mint flavour, water, propellant gas: 1, 1, 1, 2 - tetrafluoroethane.* non-GMO certified. It contains a source of phenylalanine. Contains an extract of soya (phosphatidylcholine).


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