Singuladerm Sensitive Redless gel 15ml

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Helps reduce facial redness caused by external causes.


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SingulaDerm | Singuladerm Sensitive Redless gel 15ml

Singuladerm Sensitive Redless gel 15ml is a product indicated for the treatment of localized redness of faces with all skin types. Its peptide-based formula helps to improve microcirculation, reduces skin reactivity, diffuses redness and tightens small capillaries. This ultra concentrated gel is specially designed to treat areas with sensitivity to temperature changes or aesthetic, oncological and hormonal treatments. By using this gel for a long period of time, skin tone is restored.

What are the benefits of Singuladerm Sensitive Redless gel?

  • Treats localized redness.
  • Decreases the reactivity of the dermis.
  • Stimulates microcirculation, blurring and attenuating redness.
  • Recommended for areas sensitive to temperature changes, medical-aesthetic, oncological and hormonal treatments;
  • Its continued use favours the active protection of the skin tone.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

No parabens.

Instructions for use

How to use Singuladerm Sensitive Redless gel?

Apply daily to affected areas.


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