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Uriage is a well-known brand specialized in dermocosmetic products for skin care and beauty. It is a company developed by Laboratorios Dermatológicos Uriage whose products are characterized by covering the needs of all skin types, even the most sensitive. Another of the most outstanding characteristics of Uriage's dermocosmetic products is that they are hypoallergenic and contain soft and pleasant textures, are formulated with Uriage Thermal Water and have a high tolerance for sensitive and intolerant skin.

You'll find a wide variety of anti-aging and anti-acne products and dermocosmetic treatments for the face, facial cleansers and purifying gels as well as different body and hair lines, such as moisturising creams or oils that will help you moisturise and repair your skin, and that of the whole family, as it has Uriage Bebé, a specific range for baby hygiene and hydration, such as creams, water-based pasta and even peri-buccal balms, lavender oils or fresh fragrances for after bathing.

Discover the best Uriage ranges for face and body care:

Roséliane is Uriage's line of anti-redness treatments, which includes different cleansing, anti-wrinkle, soothing and moisturising products for reddened faces. Its effective action against redness, calms and restores softness and well-being to the most sensitive skin.

Uriage Xémose is the range of body treatments for the care of dry skin, with soothing and repairing properties that deeply moisturize and nourish dry and very dry skin. Thanks to its shower oils, emollient milks and relipidizing treatments, it is a perfect range for the care of dry and atopic skin.

Hyséac is one of the best options for treating mixed to oily skin, as it offers a wide range of products to cleanse the face, including facial masks, treatments to unblock pores and treatments for matifying and antiimperfections, which effectively remove impurities, fighting excess facial sebum, blackheads and blemishes, which are usually formed in the most oily skins Buy your Uriage products online for the whole family now!

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