Sonicare Healthy White Electric toothbrush Hx6711/02 1ud

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Phillips electric brush with replaceable brush head



Electric toothbrushes stand out from the rest by providing a much more intense and rushed oral cleaning, reaching areas where the rest of the toothbrushes cannot access;

Phillips introduces Sonicare Healthy White Electric toothbrush Hx6711/02, a toothbrush that is especially suited for people who want a full and intensive oral cleaning. With it, you will remove up to 2 times more plaque than with a traditional brush.

In addition, this particular brush stands out for its ability to remove stains on teeth in as little as 2 weeks after you start using it. This way your smile will look not only clean, but white and bright.

She has a beautiful, white, well-kept smile!

Instructions for use

Use as a regular brush, but without rubbing the strands on the surface of the teeth and the inside of the mouth;


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