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What is Waterpik?

Waterpik is a brand of oral care products that has a wide range of products such as dental irrigators, electric toothbrushes and even electric dental floss, which will help you maintain proper oral hygiene, fighting bacterial plaque or preventing cavities and other dental conditions that may affect your oral health in the future.

How do Waterpik dental irrigators work?

Thanks to the Waterpik dental irrigators it is possible to maintain good oral hygiene, since in only three seconds they eliminate 99% of the bacterial plaque that is found in our teeth, gums and other oral areas of difficult access. Using the dental irrigator after brushing significantly improves gum health, helping to control inflammation, gingivitis and reduce bleeding. In addition to providing a great feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the mouth.

These dental irrigators for home use are indicated for all those who want or need a deeper oral cleaning, such as orthodontic wearers, implants or any other type of dental prosthesis.

What other oral care products does Waterpik offer?

Waterpik also has an electronic toothbrush with sonic technology, which automatically performs the recommended brushing movements, achieving greater effectiveness against biofilm, or bacterial plaque, accumulated in the oral cavity. And its innovative electric dental floss acts on the interdental spaces and gingival rim, effectively removing plaque build-up without damaging soft tissue.

Discover all Waterpik products and look after your oral health like a professional!

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