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Suavinex is a trusted brand that specializes in baby care and offers everything the little ones need. Among the products and accessories of this brand are the wipes, diapers and pacifiers, which are made with physiological and hypoallergenic materials that guarantee the health of the baby.

Enjoy the best Suavinex baby care accessories

Suavinex soothers are specially designed to adapt to the oral anatomy of babies, respecting the correct oral development of the newborn. In addition to calming and relaxing babies, all of its pacifier ranges allow for the expulsion of saliva and air circulation, thus avoiding possible irritations due to excessive salivation, and you will find an infinite number of models and colours to choose from.

In addition to pacifiers, this brand also offers other accessories necessary for baby care, such as baby bottles, with different designs, materials and sizes, specific for each stage; anatomical teats with several openings; anti-spill nozzles for transition bottles; learning tableware and even sterilizers for all the baby's utensils.

Children's colonies are also another essential product in baby's hygiene, which is why Suavinex offers a wide variety of colonies for children, with soft, pleasant and fresh aromas that do not contain alcohol or damage their delicate skin, as well as giving them a great feeling of cleanliness.

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