100% Natural Quinol10 60 Pearls of 50mg

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A food supplement that provides an intense dose of Q10

60 perlas

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Cien por Cien Natural | 100% Natural Quinol10 60 Pearls of 50mg

Coenzyme Q10 is fundamental for the production of energy in the cell (ATP production) being key to the energy and vitality of the individual. The body maintains a reserve of two forms of CoQ10: the oxidized form, Ubiquinone and the reduced form, with antioxidant capacity, called Ubiquinol. In order for coenzyme Q10 in the form of Ubiquinone to be used in energy production at the cellular level, the body must convert it into Ubiquinol;

100% Natural Quinol10 is a perfect complement for everyone, but for those who are in their 40s it is especially recommended, as the ability to transform ubiquinone into ubiquinol decreases with age and in this product coenzyme Q10 is already presented in the form of Ubiquinol;

It also contains vitamin B1 which contributes to normal heart function and vitamin C which contributes to normal energy metabolism.

Instructions for use

1-2 pearls per day of 50 mg. 1 pearl per day of 100 mg. preferably with meals or following the recommendations of an expert;


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