Atashi™ Kirei Purifying Mask 50ml

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Purifying mask for oily, acne-free skin



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Atashi | Atashi™ Kirei Purifying Mask 50ml

A good facial hygiene is the basis of an acne-free and well cared for skin. Unpleasant pimples that appear as a result of excess oil on the skin can be combated with regular use of a mask for skin imperfections and impurities, such as this one from Atashi® Kirei.

Atashi® Kirei Purifying Mask is specially formulated for oily skin and helps to combat excess sebum and remove imperfections from the face by containing ingredients such as theCytobiol Iris A acts as an antiseptic sebum regulator with anti-inflammatory properties and Phytoesphingosine with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action that reduces skin redness.

Its exclusive Dermosens, incorporated in all the brand's products, helps to relax the skin, thus slowing down the aging process.

Contributes to a clean, smooth and granite-free skin!


dermosens, cytobiol riris a and phytoesphingosine, cherry blossom extract



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