Benestar™ Biopeeling Cereals and Papaya 200ml

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Exfoliating treatment suitable for sensitive areas and rich in natural active ingredients



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Benestar | Benestar™ Biopeeling Cereals and Papaya 200ml

The exfoliating treatments are useful to help renew the skin, remove impurities accumulated in the epidermis and improve the texture of our body. In addition, if these exfoliants have natural active ingredients in their formulation, they will help you provide nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

Benestar® Biopeeling Cereals and Papaya is a solution that will help you gently exfoliate the skin, thus promoting the natural renewal of the epidermis.

Thanks to its richness in cereals and papaya, this biopeeling of Benestar® acts in a particular way on each area of the skin:

  • - The action of oat cereals is ideal on areas with a thick horny layer.
  • - The enzymatic action of papaya is an idea for the most sensitive area.

Ideal for use after bath gel!

Instructions for use

Apply a small amount to damp skin and massage in with emphasis on the areas most in need. Do not massage on sensitive areas. Remove with plenty of water and dry with touches so as not to drag the moisturizing agents Do not forget to leave a few minutes on display to give the papaya its effect.



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