Biomimetic Pre-Base Regenerating Depigmenter 30 ml

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Eliminates and prevents the appearance of spots on the skin.

30 ml

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109,90 € 37,74 €
Only 1 unit at this price


Biomimetic | Biomimetic Pre-Base Regenerating Depigmenter 30 ml

Biomimetic Pre-Base Regenerating Depigmenter 30 ml is indicated to prevent skin stains caused by various conditions. This treatment consists of a hydrogel of hyaluronic acid and amino acids that allows a fast absorption and a high penetration in the skin, up to the deepest layers, nourishing and regenerating it.

Benefits of Biomimetic Pre-Base Regenerating Depigmenter:

  • Thanks to the combination of its active ingredients, it acts directly on the stains of the skin, controlling and unifying the tone;
  • It combines kojic acid, ferulic acid and vitamin C to produce melanin to prevent the appearance of spots and pigmentation;
  • Glycolic acid renews and exfoliates the skin, accelerating the reduction of blemishes and achieving a soft and luminous skin.

Instructions for use

How to use Biomimetic Pre-Base Regenerating Depigmenter?

  • Apply before the usual treatment.
  • Massage until completely absorbed.


Hyaluronic acid hydrogel. (3.7%) amino acids (polyglutamic acid and lysine). glycolic acid. ferulic acid. KOGIC ACID VITAMIN C. POLYMYCHNOMICELS OF MASLINIC ACID (81nm).


125,80 € / 100 ml


Pharmaceutical Advice

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most important nutrients in our diet. It boosts the immune system, promotes the absorption of iron from food and is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all skin tissues.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant effect neutralises the free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress in the skin, delays the signs of aging, stimulates collagen production, promotes wound healing and supports cartilage, bones and teeth maintenance.

Remember that dietary supplements should not replace a healthy, balanced diet. In a case of vitamin C deficiency or excess, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for diagnosis and advice.


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