Cystop 30caps

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Recover your intimate security, improve your urinary well-being


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19,30 € 13,79 €
Only 3 units at this price
Cystop 30caps

Cystop 30caps

13,79 € 19,30 €


Cystop is a food preparation based on American cranberry and D-mannose , specifically prepared to provide your body with properties that will help inhibit the appearance of urinary discomfort, prevent it and improve your well-being after its presence.Thanks to its composition, Cystop allows you to block the adhesion factors of bacteria in your body, improving the protection and prevention of urinary discomfort.

Effective in reducing the number of recurrent cystitises, it prevents the adhesion of ecoli to the urinary tract. In addition, it provides an acidic pH to the urine, which prevents bacterial growth and development.

Available in 30caps and 60caps format.

Instructions for use

Take 1 capsule a day of Cystop, preferably in the evening, accompanied by a large glass of water.

If necessary, during the first two days you can take 2 capsules, leaving a margin of 12 hours between each intake.

It is advisable to take it for 30 days.

To limit the repetition of the discomfort, it is advisable to take it during a period of 6 months or as indicated by your specialist.

Food supplements should not replace a balanced and/or healthy diet.


Each pod contains American cranberry extract Vaccinium macrocarpon (standardized to 50% PACs by European Pharmacopoeia) 270mg, D-mannose from birch 75mg, excipients: magnesium stearate, colloidal silica. Gelatin capsules, dyes: red iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

Pharmaceutical Advice

Iron is a functional mineral that contributes to the body's growth and development. It is present in haemoglobin and myoglobin. These proteins transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the organism. Iron is also involved in the creation of hormones and connective tissue.

Our organism absorbs this mineral from foods such as seafood, lean meat, eggs, pulses and nuts. To facilitate its absorption, it is advisable to add acidic foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange or lemon juice, to the diet. A lack of iron in the diet can cause iron deficiency (anaemia). In the long term, it can lead to symptoms such as a constant lack of energy, fatigue, intestinal disorders and/or difficulty keeping body temperature under control. Lack of iron can be restored through a varied diet. If this is not enough, it can be mitigated through supervised supplementation. It is essential to follow the advice of a healthcare professional and always avoid taking an iron dietary supplement without checking if you are deficient in this mineral.

The body's iron requirements will change throughout the years. It is particularly important to regulate it during the years of menstruation, as well as in pregnant women and infants. Iron is also actively involved in development and growth and is therefore very important for newborn babies.




for almost 1 year I take it daily and I have rid myself of the annoying cystitis that I suffered frequently

Anonymous A.


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