Dr Brown's chupete silicona perform 2å» etapa azul 2uts


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The nipple facilitates the correct position of the tongue


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DrBrowns | Dr Brown's chupete silicona perform 2å» etapa azul 2uts

Babies are born with the need to suckle, because breastfeeding feeds and calms them. But it's not good to offer them a pacifier for at least the baby's first 15 days, until breastfeeding is established. One of the materials we can choose when choosing a pacifier is silicone. These pacifiers are transparent in colour, less resistant to biting and are therefore recommended for the pre-dentition stages. The nipple is very resistant to high temperatures and wears out less easily.

Silicone soother Dr perform 2nd stage blue has an ultra-fine teat base, thus reducing the impact on the baby's tongue and teeth. In addition, the nipple is orthodontic, making it easier to position the tongue correctly and reducing the pressure on the jaw and preventing overbite. Contains 2 units.

Give your baby a good pacifier!

*The color or design may vary depending on the stock available from the pharmacy serving the order.

Instructions for use

Before the first use, wash the soother and boil it for at least 5 minutes. Wash and disinfect before each use.


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