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Dexyane Balm 400ml

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Ducray takes care of the health and beauty of your skin and hair with effective products and care tailored to each specific need. Ducray's catalogue is wide and varied and includes hair care products such as hair loss treatments, hair nutricosmetics, anti-lice treatments and hair products suitable for every type of hair. Ducray also has skin care products specifically formulated to treat every skin type and problem, from the driest to the most oily, including sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and irritated, scaly skin.

Ducray Kelual

Ducray Kelual is Ducray's range dedicated to skin care for scaly skin. Skin on the body and scalp that is prone to flaking can cause itching and irritation, and Ducray Kelual products will effectively soothe and repair it. Eliminates itching and redness caused by dandruff with Ducray Kelual DS Shampoo Shampoo Scaling states. Protect the most sensitive and scale-prone skin, including baby's delicate skin, with Ducray Kelual Emulsion.

Ducray Keracnyl

Ducray Keracnyl is Ducray's acne skin care line. This is a wide range of anti-imperfection treatments that will help you reduce the presence of grains and shine, as well as combat excess sebum. If you have acne-prone skin, try Ducray Keracnyl anti-imperfection creams, cleansing gels and anti-acne masks and creams.

Ducray Anacaps Tri-Activ

Ducray Anacaps Tri-Activ are capsules that will help you restore all the strength, shine and volume to your hair. Ducray Anacaps Tri-Activ is a food supplement specifically designed and developed to help your hair regain all its vitality and health. Ducray Anacaps Tri-Activ blister formulations are rich in essential active ingredients and vitamins B6, B8, E, biotin and iron, which will strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.

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