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Genové is a well-known brand specialized in dermatological products, sanitary accessories, hair loss treatments and photoprotective products. It is a prestigious company developed by Laboratorios Genové Dermatologics that offers its clients a wide variety of products that contribute to health care, beauty and hygiene.

Genové Dermatologics has extensive experience in product research and development and combines the best pharmaceutical and dermatological techniques to offer top quality treatments. Many people trust Genové Dermatologics for the efficiency and quality of its products, if you have not already done so we encourage you to try them, you will be delighted!

GenoCutan is a dermatological gel that contains a formula rich in active emollients and antiseptics that effectively contribute to the hydration and protection of the skin. Body care is essential for maintaining the skin's natural defences and regenerating the hydrolipidic layer. In this sense, Genové's Genocutan dermatological gel plays a fundamental role. The best daily care for your skin from Genové's Genocután hand.

Genosun is Genové's line of photoprotectors, with Genosun you will obtain effective, natural and guaranteed protection thanks to the exclusive formulations of its sunscreen and aftersun creams. Enjoy healthy, sun-protected skin from the hand of Genosun sun creams, which will fight the photo-aging of your skin and keep it in perfect condition at all times.

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