GHF Memor-Plus 750mg 60caps


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It helps brain function and reduces the feeling of discouragement


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GHF | GHF Memor-Plus 750mg 60caps

The fosfatildiserina and the Hill are in the structure of brain cells, but as we age, it decreases its concentration. Fill this gap with the use of a dietary supplement will help you to improve the cognitive functions and to keep your brain healthy in old age.

GHF Memor-Plus 750 mg will help promote brain function and reduce the feeling of apathy and despair. Thanks to its formula rich in inositol, phosphatidylserine, taurine and other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, will get rebalance your body and stabilize cell membranes.

In addition, vitamins containing GHF Memor-Plus 750mg will help you cope with your day to day with an extra energy and vitality, which will help you to fight physical and mental fatigue.

Instructions for use

Take 2 to 3 capsules per day, distributed in several intakes.


Each 3 capsules provide soya lecithin rich in phosphatidylserine (300mg), ascorbic acid-vitamin C (60 mg = 100% CDR), taurine (300mg), vitamin E (10 mg = 100% CDR), phosphatidylcholine (30mg), phosphatidylethanolamine (21mg), Phosphatidylinositol (15mg), thiamin-vitamin B1 (1.1mg = 100% CDR), riboflavin-vitamin B2 (1.6mg = 100% CDR), niacin-vitamin B3 (18 mg - 100% CDR), Pantothenic acid-vitamin B5 (3 mg = 100% CDR), Pyridoxine-vitamin B6 (1.6mg = 100% CDR), RE vitamin A (700mcg = 100% CDR), cyanocobalamin - vitamin B12 (1.4mcg=100% CDR), biotin (15mcg = 100% CDR), folic acid (200 micrograms = 100% CDR), inositol (13.5mg - without established CDR). Microcrystalline cellulose. Vegetable capsule.


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