H4U ginkgo biloba 700mg 100comp


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HEALTH4U | H4U ginkgo biloba 700mg 100comp

Ginkgo biloba is a millennial tree also known as the'silver apricot', is native to China and its natural benefits have been used throughout history. Sotya has rescued its therapeutic advantages in these easy and comfortable tablets.

Ginkgo biloba is especially recommended for the treatment of memory problems and alteration of the cognitive functions associated with vascular degeneration, as it increases cerebral circulation and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

H4U ginkgo biloba 700mg are tablets that will help you to promote the circulatory system to alleviate vascular problems and circulatory disorders of all kinds.

Improve your vascular health!



The tablets are hard to swallow, especially with the dental prosthesis in place

Rafael V.


Margarita D.

Good products and good treatment.

Francisco J.

It allows you to pay better and more attention to what you're doing. Don't abuse: it will stop working, and maybe other damages that I don't know about.

Jorge M.

Gingko Biloba, together with Guarana, are essential on sleepless nights, to be fully active and concentrated. And awake, of course!

Jorge M.

I've only been taking it for a few days.

Juan M.

I had already tried ginkgko biloba, I've been buying it for years and it's just like the one I've had on other occasions, great. I recommend it as a daily product because it brings us many benefits.

Mª A.

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