Ifigen Oligen Peques Plus Syrup 150ml

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Promotes a good development of the cognitive system

150 ml

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Only 12 units at this price


Dietary supplement for children, in syrup format with a pleasant tutti fruti flavour, which is indicated to help improve the health of children with unbalanced diet, fatigue or weakened immune system. It provides omega 3 fatty acids, with 80% DHA content, 3 vitamins and 5 minerals, which help to reduce tiredness, improve concentration and memory, and help to strengthen the immune system defenses.

Instructions for use

Dietary supplements should be taken in the context of a varied and balanced diet and as part of an active lifestyle.

Price per 100 ML

12,07 € / 100 ml

Pharmaceutical Advice

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that helps regulate triglyceride and cholesterol blood levels. However, these fats, which help to maintain cardiovascular health, are not produced by the body. This is why it is important to include foods rich in Omega 3 in your diet, such as fish and shellfish, seeds or algae. Without ever exceeding the recommended dose, you can also opt for dietary supplements that provide these beneficial fatty acids.

The most common fatty acids are EPA and DHA (from marine sources) and ALA (from plant sources), which help regulate blood pressure. They also help to reduce the risk of developing irregular heartbeats or arrhythmias. Omega-3's main benefits are therefore related to cardiovascular health and, as they are part of the cell membranes, they also help to maintain the nervous system function in good condition. Remember that dietary supplements should never replace a healthy, balanced diet.



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