ioox™ Depigmenting glycosol 15ml

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Prevents and treats body pigmentations caused by the sun and photosensitizing substances


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16,06 € 12,83 €
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ioox® | ioox™ Depigmenting glycosol 15ml

ioox® Glicosol Depigmentante is a very effective treatment to prevent and treat body pigmentation caused by sun exposure and photosensitizing substances. It also inhibits tyrosinase and prevents melanin formation.

This powerful gel that treats all types of skin pigmentations has the following properties in its formula:

  • Kojic acid that lightens the skin and prevents its oxidation. Prevents melanin formation by blocking the enzyme thyrosinase tautomerase.
  • Arbutin that prevents skin irritations and excessive vulnerability to sun exposure. It is an active principle that prevents the formation of melanin.
  • Glycyrrhizinic acid has a depigmenting power for the skin;
  • Lactic Acid that reduces the corneal layer of the skin thanks to its"peeling" effect. Whitens, hydrates and enhances the formation of ceramide in the skin forming a lipid barrier for skin protection.

The combination of these active ingredients causes a depigmenting action that prevents excessive amounts of melanin.

It also has a sun filter to protect the area to be treated from solar radiation.

Prevents and treats sun spots with ioox® Glicosol Depigmenter!

Instructions for use

Apply two or three times a day.


lactic acid 9%, kojic acid 2%, arbutin 1%, glycyrrhizic acid 0.25%, sun filter uvb/ grape 1.5%.




It's a depigmentant as I've been using it for a short time I can't assess it yet.

Anonymous A.


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