Neositrin™ & Go mousse anti-lice 100ml

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It eliminates head lice and nits fast


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NEOSITRIN | Neositrin™ & Go mousse anti-lice 100ml

The spread of lice occurs mainly by direct head-to-head contact. Lice are spread through the use of brushes, caps, scarves, pillows, etc between two people.

The mousse fine tooth Neositrin® & Go is a treatment that helps to eliminate effectively and without insecticides the preppies and nits from hair.

Suitable for adults and children.

* If a member of the family plagues of piojos, also check its presence in the rest of the members of the family, and in the case of live lice treat simultaneously to infested members.

Very effective in the Elimination of lice.

Instructions for use

1. shake container well before use. Apply directly to dry hair, then massage or comb hair until it is covered from the roots to the tips.

2 leave to act: the product needs to be applied for at least 8 hours. Since applies, be acting all day or all night. Let the hair dry naturally (use hair dryer if you prefer).

3 clarify: For disposal rinse with water or wash with SOAP. The product easily disappears along with lice.

4. repeat: After 7 days, repeat these simple steps, again if the infection persists.




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