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Philips Avent is the Philips line of mother and baby care products that provides effective and innovative solutions during pregnancy and breastfeeding, making maternity tasks easier and ensuring baby safety with products and accessories inspired by human nature that have been developed after extensive research and clinical trials.

How are Philips Avent teats different?

Philips Avent nipples are made from high-quality, safe materials that ensure the safety and well-being of your baby, such as medical silicone, and contain no toxic substances such as BPA. They have different textures for a greater hookup and thus avoid interruptions during feeding. In addition, you can choose nipples with different levels of fluid to keep up with its growth rate at all stages.

The Avent Natural Teat has many advantages when it comes to giving the baby a bottle, it is characterised by its comfortable petals, which simulate the mother's breast, reduce the dripping and contraction of the teat, and it also has an innovative double valve anti-colour design, which also allows for a natural attachment, offering efficient operation and high acceptance by the baby. Another of its major advantages is that the Philips Avent Natural Teat is made exclusively from silicone and does not contain BPA, and thanks to its soft texture and flexibility, it favours the combination of breast and bottle during breastfeeding and is perfectly adapted to the needs and characteristics of each baby.

Thanks to the Avent teats you can feed your baby in an easier and more comfortable way, avoiding the appearance of colic, gas and other discomfort caused by the ventilation of the teat.

Which Philips Avent Soother is right for my baby?

You will find different models of soothers to meet the different needs of your baby at all times. Philips Avent has a wide range of models, including the Ultrasoft soothers, with a soft and flexible shield that adapts to your child's cheeks; the Mini soothers, designed for small mouths; the Calming soothers, shaped like a finger so that your baby can enjoy both your finger and your soother at the same time; the classic, life-long soother that offers the basic comfort for day and night; and finally, the Ventilated, or Freeflow, specially designed to promote airflow and minimize skin irritation.

Philips Avent pacifiers are orthodontic and promote the natural development of the baby's palate, and also follow strict safety and quality controls, as do teats and bottles, which are made of medical silicone and do not contain BPA.

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