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What is Phyto and how do her hair treatments work?

Phyto is a brand specialized in the care of hair through plants, which develops specific products for each type of hair made from medicinal plants, which also contribute their properties to hair. It was the first brand to demonstrate the power of plants to combat hair and scalp disorders such as dandruff and hair loss. Thanks to the spectacular results of its treatments and its innovative products, Phyto has been a reference in hair cosmetics for 50 years.

How are Phyto hair products different?

Phyto cares for your hair in its entirety, from root to tip, respecting the hair ecosystem and the needs of each hair type, because according to its creator, Patrick Alès, there is no beautiful hair without a healthy scalp". That's why its innovative formulas with 99% vegetable ingredients help to keep the scalp healthy, while toning and moisturizing the hair without greasing it.

Among the wide range of hair products, Phyto has specific treatments for different hair conditions, such as dandruff, hair loss or oily, sensitive or irritated scalp. You will find a wide variety of products such as lotions, pre- and shampoos, soothers, sebum regulators, balancers or purifiers, made with essential oils from healing plants, which will help soothe itching or irritation caused by excess sebum, extreme dryness or sensitive scalp. In addition, Phyto shampoos and other treatments will restore the natural shine and vitality to your hair, giving it a healthy and silky look.

You'll also find other hair care products, such as sun care, to protect, repair and moisturize hair in times of sun and heat, including oils, conditioners, masks and no-rinse treatments, which will prevent damaged, brittle or extremely dry hair. As well as treatments for dyed or highlighted hair, which tends to break down more during the summer.

How to get perfect hair with Phyto?

According to Patrick Alès, the secret to perfect hair is in these five hair care guidelines:

1. Pre-shampoo. To cleanse and stimulate the scalp, while moisturizing and nourishing to the tips.

2. Washing treatments. Choose shampoo or cleansing cream according to the type of hair and scalp.

3. Balm or mask. Choose according to hair type.

4. Treatments without rinsing. For daily use from media to tips.

5. Styling. Specific products to shape the hairstyle and protect the hair.

Discover the ideal Phyto treatment for your hair and regain the vitality of your hair! "

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