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Bayer's Redoxon is a line of food supplements rich in Vitamin C that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system by acting effectively against external agents. It is one of the leading brands in vitamin complexes and food supplements that have been specifically developed to provide solutions that are practical and innovative while having a proven effectiveness and high quality in contributing to the maintenance and care of the welfare and health of the body.

The Redoxon vitamins are very varied and the brand divides its catalogue into different product ranges, among which the following stand out: Redoxon Propolis Tablets, Redoxon Propolis Spray, Redoxon Propolis, Redoxon Complex, Redoxon Immuno4 and Redoxon Double Action. This way you're sure to find the Redoxon vitamins that meet your specific needs. If you haven't tried the Redoxon vitamins yet, this is the best time to try them, so go ahead and get the most out of your day to day life!

Redoxon Double Action is the best known food supplement of this prestigious brand. Redoxon Dual Action offers the most complete combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help improve the balance of the daily diet and provide the body with these essential nutrients so that the body can with physical and mental wear and tear every day. Redoxon Dual Action comes in effervescent, easy-to-take tablets that will improve your immune system and also support muscle, cell and bone functions.

Redoxon Complex, on the other hand, is another multivitamin that helps to overcome fatigue and tiredness. During the autumn and winter months it seems that the body needs extra help to face the day in full force and Redoxon Complex is the solution, as it generates the muscular energy you need and promotes the functioning of the immune system so that nothing stops you... Try Redoxon Complex and feel the energy!

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