Sensodyne Full Protection 75ml

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Helps to relieve pain caused by tooth sensitivity

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SENSODYNE | Sensodyne Full Protection 75ml

Tooth sensitivity appears when a part of the tooth called dentin is exposed, so that when it comes into contact with cold, hot, sweet, acidic or even brushed stimuli, the nerves are activated and a brief, sharp pain occurs.

Sensodyne Complete Protection 75ml is a fluoride toothpaste for daily use specially formulated to relieve the pain caused by tooth sensitivity.

This toothpaste for sensitive teeth is formulated based on NovaMin technology, which creates an intense protective barrier on our teeth to protect them from bacteria.

In addition, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean and also bleaches and prevents the appearance of stains.

The result is whiter and stronger teeth

Sensodyne Full Protection provides many benefits after use:

Provides quick and lasting relief of sensitivity.

Its effect appears after 60 seconds.

Thanks to the formation of a barrier, it protects the teeth in contact with food that causes pain.

Used twice a day provides long-lasting relief.

Instructions for use

Brush your teeth with this product twice a day after meals;