Sesderma Fillderma One anti-wrinkle cream 50ml + Hylanses 60comp

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Fills wrinkles and gives your face more firmness


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Sesderma | Sesderma Fillderma One anti-wrinkle cream 50ml + Hylanses 60comp

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness. To counteract this situation, it is very important that we nourish the cells of the dermis with a supply of active ingredients that will regenerate it and give it a much younger appearance.

This pack contains:

- Fillderma One wrinkle-filling cream 50ml: The most effective way to fight wrinkles is the combination of a derm-aesthetic product that gives the skin elasticity, with an active ingredient that helps to nourish the skin inside, filling the layers that have asked for thickness over the years.

- Hylanses 60comp tablets: food supplement indicated for mature skin. Provides more firmness and elasticity to the skin, both on the face and body level.

It gives you younger, firmer skin!

Instructions for use

- Fillderma One cream: make 2 applications a day for the first year, then reduce to three applications a week. Its effects are felt after several months of application.

-Hylanses tablets: Take 2-4 tablets a day with plenty of fluids preferably before bedtime.


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