Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox 60ml + Antiox Booster System 30ml

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Intensive facial treatment anti-oxidizing which will exert an anti-aging action


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Sesderma | Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox 60ml + Antiox Booster System 30ml

The oxidation of the skin is the main cause of skin aging. Behind this phenomenon is the proliferation of radical free, a few elements that attack the cells of the skin. To reverse the effects of free radicals, it is highly recommended to complement your routine of beauty with the use of an antioxidant treatment.

Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox 60ml + Antiox Booster System 30ml is a pack of antioxidant products that will help you to fight against skin aging. This pack includes:

-Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox 60ml: this anti-aging cream has antioxidant potentismos suitable for all skin types. Encapsulated in nanosomes, these antioxidants penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and enhance its antioxidant effect.

This cream protect your skin against harmful external effects and will be repaired at night correcting wrinkles and increasing the brightness and tone. It contains resveratrol, a component of wine with great antioxidant properties.

-Antiox Booster System 30ml: this serum liposomes contributes the antioxidant effect of the cream Resveraderm Antiox. The assets of this serum are encapsulated in lipid bubbles and guarantee an effective and penetrating effect to neutralize cell damage in the skin.

It slows down the aging thanks to an antioxidant cocktail!

Instructions for use

Apply four drops of the serum and, once absorbed by the skin, use a cream above using a gentle circular massage. You can apply day and night.


-Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox 60ml: resveratrol (grape polyphenols), retinol, Coenzyme Q-10, vitamin C and vitamin E.

-Antiox Booster System 30ml: vitamin E, extract of camellia oleifera, extract from silybum marianum, pterostilbene, ceramides, Hyaluronate Sodium, quercetin, Coenzyme Q10, ergothioneine, superoxide dismutase, chondrus crispus, extract extract of vitis vinifera, thioctic acid.




I am a consumer of Sesderma, which has a very wide range of products. It would be important that the offer you give is as complete as possible. For example, just like Morlan's Pharmacy.

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