Singuladerm Pack Xpert Sublime + Xpert Collageneur

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Firming anti-age treatments

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SingulaDerm | Singuladerm Pack Xpert Sublime + Xpert Collageneur

Over the years our skin becomes less firm and they begin to leave the first signs of age. This process may be accelerated as a result of prolonged exposure to solar radiation, pollution or a few bad habits of life. For this reason, it is very important to use cosmetic formulas that include anti-free assets that protect the skin and help prevent premature aging.

This pack of Singuladerm contains:

  • Serum Xpert Sublime 30ml: It prevents the proliferation of radical free that they damage the cells of the skin. A shock treatment anti-age reduces wrinkles, decongests, protects and promotes repair of cells, giving a more youthful appearance to the skin. Offers a triple effect anti-aging:

1 anti-wrinkle.

2 tensor immediate.

3 repair of cellular DNA in skin fotoenvejecidas and fatigued.

  • Cream firming Xpert Collageneur 50ml: Designed to combat the physiological skin aging acting at all limiting stages of life of collagen and increase not only the quantity but also quality. In addition, its formulation includes a peptide anti-free free, protecting the skin from the intrinsic and extrinsic agents that cause premature aging.

* Daily cosmetics preventive against the emergence of physiological wrinkles and skin sagging.

Your trusted anti-ageing treatments to fight photoaging of the skin.

Instructions for use

  • Serum Xpert Sublime: Apply morning and evening, on clean, dry skin on the face, by a light massage until the total absorption of the product.
  • Cream firming Xpert Collageneur: Apply Xpert Collageneur two times a day, massaging lightly until completely absorbed.


  • Cream firming Xpert Collageneur: TRYLAGEN, SERILESINE, ALDELINE, LIPOCHROMAN.




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Excellent skin creams

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I already used it, and I like this cream

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