Sinomarin™ Adultos limpieza nasal 125ml


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SINOMARIN | Sinomarin™ Adultos limpieza nasal 125ml

Sinomarin nasal solution for adults relieves nasal congestion by reducing mucus that may have formed in the nose. Its action allows the mucous secretions to be diluted, cleaning the nasal cavities of the various external agents that are constantly formed in the same: accumulated mucus, crusts or even dust that are gradually damaging the health and function of our nose.

Sinomarin nasal solution also moisturizes the nasal mucosa and relieves dryness. It is a suitable solution when the decongestant medication we intended to use is contraindicated, such as in cases of pregnancy, lactation or arterial hypertension and diabetes. In these cases, the natural solution offered by Sinomarín is the best option for decongesting our nose;

The seawater nasal solution is especially indicated for cases of nasal congestion and sinuses such as rhinitis, sinusitis, common cold or flu;

Instructions for use

Before using the nasal solution, blow your nose to remove all accumulated mucus. Then apply 1 to 3 sprays per nostril, 2 to 3 times a day;


Hypertonic seawater solution. Contains: Sodium Chloride (23,00g/l); Sulphates (2,30g/l); Magnesium (1,04g/l); Calcium (0,31g/l); Potassium (0,42g/l); Zinc (Traces); Copper (Traces).



Quite effective and strong in the flow, sometimes too much that can make you bleed...

Ángel L.

Good result

José R.

good result

José R.

Of the best in the market, I use nasal sprays assiduously for my rhinitis problem and this one although it is worth a little more expensive, it is much more worthwhile as it is much more effective and I would even say less unpleasant (it has just the right strength, without going too far, with a very effective diffusion).

José C.

What I expected

Marian E.

Very good product, although expensive.




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