Solurrinol Neo topical solution 250ml

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Decongests the nose so you can breathe without obstructions


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TEOFARMA | Solurrinol Neo topical solution 250ml

When we suffer from colds or flu, one of the most common and annoying symptoms is congestion and stuffiness of the nostrils. It is an overwhelming, irritating feeling that we often fail to remedy.

Solurrinol Neo topical solution is a powerful decongestant to relieve nasal congestion, chronic rhinitis, vasomotor disorders, functional or allergic-bacterial disturbances. Decreases the amount of mucus accumulated, favouring its immediate expulsion.

You will be able to breathe normally at the time of application and its action is prolonged over time, so that you have a more lasting well-being. You will notice your nostrils dilate and the air penetrates unobstructed.

*It can be used in the form of gargling (pure or diluted in half with warm water) to relieve pharyngeal conditions.

An ideal solution to recover the comfort of your nostrils and improve your breathing!

Instructions for use

Unscrew the pear cap, transfer the solution to the pear, close the pear with the cap and insert the pear tip into the nose.Compress the bulb bellows so that the contents of the bulb are poured into the nostril, keep the mouth open and do not breathe while the nasal shower is being performed, and hold the liquid as long as possible without expelling. Then repeat the operation in the nostril 2 or 3 times a day. Clean the pear after use. It can be used pure or diluted with half of warm water.


Sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride



Very good product.


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