Somatoline™ Cosmetic Professional System for thighs and hips 15 applications

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Somatoline | Somatoline™ Cosmetic Professional System for thighs and hips 15 applications

There are some unruly areas of the body that are more likely to accumulate fat, such as the belly, hips and thighs. However, despite eating a healthy and balanced diet combined with physical exercise is not enough to reduce fat, and specific treatment is needed;

Somatoline® Cosmetic Professional System thighs and hips is a reducing treatment consisting of an anti-accumulation activating serum and an intensive liporeduction cream that allows the thighs and hips to be reshaped and drained. This treatment lasts 15 days and provides the following benefits:

  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Impedes the accumulation of fats and sugars
  • Limits the formation of adipose tissue
  • Facilitates drainage of excess fluid
  • Stimulates lipolysis by promoting the reduction of localized fat accumulations;

*To improve the results of this treatment it is necessary to lead a balanced and active life, and to be constant in the application;

Reduces fat accumulation in rebel areas!

Instructions for use

Apply once a day for at least 15 days in the morning or evening. The application protocol consists of 3 phases;

- Preparation phase: rhythmic energetic clapping for 1 minute.

- Activation phase: perform an active massage for 1 minute.

- Final absorption phase: circular absorption for 2 minutes;



You've disappointed me. If it's true that I haven't finished the treatment, but I haven't noticed anything at all, my thighs and hips measure the same after 10 days of treatment. It's a brand I've known for years and I've always done well with your products, but this time I didn't

Amalia B.

Real and visible results

Sandra V.

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