Soya lecithin justice 500g

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Revitalizes your body thanks to an extra supply of phosphorus that will help you to continue with energy


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LAJUSTICIA | Soya lecithin justice 500g

Soya lecithin has many beneficial health properties. Among these are its positive activity on cholesterol, as it helps to hydrolyze it and lead it to the liver, where it is biologically processed and eliminated. It is also a gas emulsifier, which helps the intestinal transit and prevents the formation of atheromas.

Soya lecithin from LaJusticia is an ideal way to add extra phosphorus and choline to your diet. This product is recommended especially for people suffering from poor arterial circulation or for people with asteriosclerosis. But it can also be used by students or anyone else who wants to reinforce their concentration for hard and continuous intellectual work.

Say goodbye to physical and mental exhaustion!

Instructions for use

Drink 2 to 3 teaspoons of dessert daily, or mixed with yogurt or some liquid.



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Soya lecithin justice will help you maintain vitality and leave apathy aside. If you find it hard to get started lately when you wake up in the morning, take a couple of teaspoons of soy lecithin in the morning. You'll notice the change;


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