Xpert Expression + Xpert Raffermissant

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Anti-ageing Pack to remove wrinkles and restore firmness in face, neck and décolleté

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SingulaDerm | Xpert Expression + Xpert Raffermissant

The skin of the face, neck and décolleté is exposed to external agents and radiation, so with the passage of time, can appear flaccidity, wrinkles and sunspots.

The Singuladerm pack contains:

Cream Xpert Expression 50ml: It acts directly on the lines that are placed around the eyes, lips, nose and eyebrows. It uses a peptide complex to promote muscle relaxation and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

It is a coadjuvant treatment of injections of toxin botulinum a. and fillers; antiaging topical and oral treatments. Suitable for normal or dry skin.

Cream Xpert Raffermissant 50ml: Composed of a novel hexapeptico getting to stimulate the synthesis of sheet 5, increasing cohesion between the dermis and epidermis. This cohesion leads to an greater firmness and skin redensification.

With Singuladerm Xpert Raffermissant treatment, you will get improve elasticity, tonicity and softness of your skin. Its action is complemented with an anti-wrinkle action that helps to maintain youthful skin for longer.

Attenuates wrinkles and wins more firmness in face, neck and décolleté!

Instructions for use

  • Cream Xpert Expression: Apply on clean face, twice a day, massaging lightly until completely absorbed.
  • Cream Xpert Raffermissant 50ml: Apply on clean and dry skin, in the morning and in the evening, making a soft light massage until fully absorbed.


  • Cream Xpert Raffermissant 50ml: SERILESINE, TRYLAGEN, ALDELINE, LIPOCHROMAN.


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