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Feed your baby the best milk and porridge from Almirón

Almirón is a brand specialized in the development of infant nutrition products, such as infant milks and baby food supplements, as well as other food supplements for babies, and is characterized by its constant research into breast milk, using it as a reference for the development of products that offer the maximum guarantee for the youngest children, with a careful selection of raw materials that ensure its effectiveness.

Thanks to its high nutritional content, Almiron helps meet the nutritional needs of babies, from newborn to infancy, with a wide range of children's products that will help them grow up healthy and develop their cognitive skills correctly.

Why choose Almirón milk and porridge?

Almirón milks and porridges are differentiated from other brands by their unique and balanced combination of nutrients, offering advanced nutrition for every stage of the baby. Almirón infant formula milks are enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamins, fibre, prebiotics and trace elements such as calcium, iron and iodine, among other nutrients, which help newborns to achieve optimum immune and intellectual development, while at the same time contributing to their correct cognitive development.

You will find a wide range of infant milks, for babies from 0 months of age, to growth and continuation complementary milks for babies of 12 and 18 months, which will offer your baby all the nutrients that his body needs at any stage. You can also choose from a wide range of special formula milks, such as Almirón Prematuros or Almirón Sin Lactosa, which offers nutrition adapted to the nutritional requirements of the most demanding, intolerant or undernourished babies.

What are the best Almirón infant formulas?

Although all Almirón milks and porridges have a high nutritional value, there are some that are preferred for mothers because of their digestive or calming properties, such as Almirón Advance or Almirón Digest:

Almirón Advance is Almirón's most successful line of infant nutrition products, offering a wide range of formula milks, infusions and baby food products that contribute to the correct growth and development of your baby by Almirón Advance, the most complete range of infant feeding products.

Almirón Digest is Almirón's line of products for baby's digestive problems, such as colic, abdominal discomfort, gas and other digestive problems.

With Almirón Digest you will effectively contribute to its complete development and growth while relieving digestive problems.

In addition to milk and baby food, Almirón offers a wide range of nutritional supplements for children, such as biscuits, infusions or creams to complement breastfeeding or infant feeding, also helping them in heavy digestive processes and other digestive disorders such as colic or diarrhoea.

Take care of your little one as he deserves with the best Almirón food products!

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