Be+ Brightening Care Serum Activator 20ml

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Prevents the signs of skin aging and achieves a much brighter tone

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Be+ | Be+ Brightening Care Serum Activator 20ml

After the age of 30, women tend to have a more stressful and overwhelming life because of work, children, social gatherings.... Signs of fatigue begin to appear and the skin loses elasticity. He no longer recovers as he did when he had 20 of the external aggressions. For all these reasons, the complexion needs a specific cream that will help it recover its lost radiance and shine.

Be+ Brightening Care Activating Serum leaves the skin in perfect condition to enhance the illuminating effect of day and night treatments. It is a very effective treatment to provide firmness to the skin from the age of 30;

The format of this product is very practical, it comes in the form of a dropper with pipette, allowing it to be much more convenient to use and will also allow us to apply only the necessary dose, taking full advantage of the serum.

Regular use allows the following benefits;

  • It slows down the aging of cells because it gives them large doses of energy;
  • It activates the formation of melanin, delaying the facial dullness in time.
  • It destroys the dead cells of the superficial layer of the skin.

Power the shine of your face with Be+ Care Brightening Serum Activator!

Instructions for use

Apply with your fingertips with light tapping movements. Apply it first on the back of the hand, warming it up with the fingertips to make absorption faster.


Aqua. cyclopentasiloxane. pentylene glycol. diethylhexyl carbonate. octadecenedioic acid. phenoxyethanol.dimethicone. glycerin. polysilicone11. butylene glycol. propylene glycol. aminoethylphosphinic acid. parfum.EDTA DISODIUM.ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN. tBUTYL ALCOHOL. DECYL GLUCOSIDE. CAPRYLYL GLYCOL. HEXYLENE GLYCOL.citric acid. lactic acid. polyvinyl alcohol. hydrolyzed soy protein. sodium benzoate. potassium sorbate.


Pharmaceutical Advice

By selecting the foods you eat you can prevent the effects of the passage of time, increase your intake of;

  • Foods rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Dietary fiber
  • Cooking with virgin olive oil as the base fat of your diet.
  • Dried fruits such as almonds and walnuts.



Little time trying it, then I can't talk about results yet. But I have to say that the dosing cap is quite uncomfortable and does not work properly. It tries to be innovative, but ends up being ineffective. Serum more creamy textured, not liquid.

Anonymous A.


Anonymous A.

I haven't used the product long enough, but for now, it's being appropriate

Anonymous A.

Very good

Anonymous A.

At the moment I can say that I've been using it for a short time, but if it's the same as the rest of the brand's products, it will be great!

Anonymous A.


Anonymous A.


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