Be+ anti-wrinkle cream mattifying gel 50ml

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Smoothes wrinkles and loss of firmness, while preventing the formation of pimples


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Be+ | Be+ anti-wrinkle cream mattifying gel 50ml

Excess sebum, shine, enlarged pores and small blemishes and imperfections are common in oily skin in adulthood. We can't use the same treatment we would use on teenagers because it's not just about teenage acne. In adults, oily skin requires specific sebum-regulating mattifying treatments that in turn treat the signs of aging of the dermis... Be+ Anti-Wrinkle Cream Matifying Gel is the ideal choice for oily skin in adults. It is an ultra-fast absorbing cream gel that brings well-being and freshness to the skin.

Its powerful Cellderm 3D active ingredient, which can be found in its composition, has the following properties:

  • Strengthens the fiber structure with collagen and elastin.
  • Smoothes wrinkles and loss of firmness.
  • Its advanced Oil Control technology performs a triple action: it reduces the number of visible pores and their size, prevents the accumulation of new impurities and prevents the formation of grains.

Regular use of Be+ Anti-wrinkle Mattifying Gel Cream visibly smoothes wrinkles, fights skin imperfections and reduces pore size.

This powerful cream will allow a silky finish and delay the aging of our face as much as possible;

Rejuvenate your face, while reducing excess oil with Be+ Anti-Wrinkle Mattifying Gel Cream!


Instructions for use

How to use Be+ anti-wrinkle cream 

Apply to face, neck and décolleté morning and evening on clean and toned skin.


Be+ cell energy booster, oil control technology, pore away.



I'm trying it out right now and I'm doing pretty good. It is a cream that absorbs very quickly and has a light texture. As for the pimples, I still get the same results in the hormone zone, I have not noticed any difference with the use of it.

Maria J.

Fresh, quick absorption, I've only been using it for a few days but I'm very happy

Vicent A.

i like this cream.

Joana M.

My wife uses it

Jesus N.

Perfect for oily skin

Ana C.

Very good product. I like it a lot. Leaves the skin hydrated and shine-free.

Miren M.

I've been using this cream for a week and I'm very satisfied. The matifying effect lasts almost 8 hours! There's no need to put cream on your face and go with the shiny face.


The variety of products

Kesia R.

She's doing what I expected of her. Good value for money.

Carmen V.

After a few hours I will see glitter, maybe in a few days of use they will improve the results.

Rocio S.

Non-oily texture and the face remains matt for many hours.

Laura M.

Good value for money ratio

Bea B.

It seems to give good results only three days with the products, but I look better skin.

Yesika R.

I like it. I like it.

Joana M.

I like the texture of the cream. Fresh. It smells good. It's absorbed on the spot.

Paloma C.

I've only been using it for a short time, but I like the feeling of softness it leaves on the skin. It absorbs quickly and smells great!

Pilar C.

I love its texture, how quickly it's absorbed and how it leaves the skin

Maria J.

This cream adjusts like a ring to the finger to the needs of my skin. I'm 29 years old and I already have to start taking care of expression lines, but I have oily skin. This cream fulfills both functions and I love it.

Alba M.

i really like cream.

Joana M.

Great. Goes great for oily skin.

Lourdes S.

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Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin. Helps to fill in wrinkles and restructure the skin without neglecting the problems caused by oily skin.


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