Benestar™ glycolic acid cream AHA 10% 50ml

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Deeply stimulates skin cell renewal


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45,95 € 38,00 €
Only 2 units at this price


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Benestar | Benestar™ glycolic acid cream AHA 10% 50ml

If you need a shock treatment that revitalizes your skin from the inside out, Benestar® has developed for you a product enriched with glycolic acid that will help you renew your skin in depth.

Benestar® AHA 10% glycolic acid cream is an ideal solution to stimulate skin cell renewal through a gentle exfoliation. In this way you can redensify your skin, promote the production of collagen and improve the size of the pores.

In addition, both gel and cream formats have the same benefits;

  • -Unify the skin tone.
  • -They reduce wrinkles (especially peri-buccal and ocular wrinkles), as well as blemishes and scars.
  • - Fights acne.

*The difference between the cream and the gel is its concentration of glycolic acid and its texture.It is advisable to carry out this treatment in autumn-winter because it is incompatible with the sun. And during the time you are using this treatment you must complement it with a cosmetic with a regenerating effect.

Instructions for use

Apply to face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Use very little because of its high concentration.




Barely perceptible smell of Marseille soap that quickly disappears. Does not give the impression of leaving an oily film, and no recoil on its impact on the skin.

Gerard C.

Finally a liquid surgras with no added fragrance that keeps its promises: perfectly neutral, completely harmless and therefore no irritation. Exactly the formula that I was looking for a long time for the hands or even the body without ever finding it: no tingling because no perfumed additive, the surgras ingredient remains on the skin after washing so it is not always useful to add a cream. Very soft texture thanks to the sweet almond oil. The absence of perfume also allows to add the flavor you prefer according to the chosen dosage. Too many commercial products impose an excess of perfume (overdose), it is horrible and very harmful to health, as if you were spraying yourself with alcohol. It's a basic product that should be at the top of the shelves. There should be a clear separation between skin-neutral base products and scented products to be added in if you want or to be put separately. It's in the public interest. E...

Anonymous A.

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