Clearasil™ ultra cleansing gel 200ml

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Cleaner, shine-free skin in as little as 12 hours


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clearasil | Clearasil™ ultra cleansing gel 200ml

When your skin produces too much oil, also known as sebum, it clogs the pores, causing acne breakouts. No one is really sure what causes the skin to produce a lot of oil. It's probably from a variety of causes, including hormones and stress. Fortunately, there are many cleansers that can reduce grease and acne breakouts.

A very effective product to fight acne is the Clearasil Ultra cleanser gel that allows to finish the pimples quickly thanks to its correct composition and easy application.

It is a gel of very fast action, it gets in only 12 hours a cleaner skin, helping to eliminate the grains, decreasing the production of oil acting on the sebaceous glands and leaving a shiny complexion.

Its studied composition contains the following properties:

  • -Cantueso extract to soothe the epidermis, with antiseptic effect to prevent infections;
  • -Immortelle extract that fights against skin conditions
  • -Jaguarzo or Elicriso extract that strengthens circulation and immediately soothes irritated skin;

Get cleaner skin free of blemishes and blackheads with Clearasil Ultra Cleansing Gel!

Instructions for use

Moisten your skin with water, preferably lukewarm, so that the pores open up a little more. Put a small amount in your hand and rub the skin of your face, neck or back with circular motions until you obtain foam. Remove with plenty of water and dry with small touches of towel, never rubbing.


Salicylic acid such as keratolytic acid, Cantueso extract, Elicriso extract and Immortelle extract.




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