Dap Bio-shockcellucomplex 10ml 12 amp

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Treatment anticelulituco in ampules


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DAP | Dap Bio-shockcellucomplex 10ml 12 amp

Dap Bio-shockcellucomplex ampoules help to slow down the process of accumulation of fat and cause your natural elimination, favouring the oxygenation of the skin.

They contain extracts plant of guaranine, Holly, Ivy and fucus (anti cellulite and antiedematous action) and L-carnitine (FAT catabolizador).

* Contains 12 vials of 10 ml each.

Optimal treatment for cellulite-free skin.

Instructions for use

Clean and exfoliate the area to be treated. Then cause a lymphatic drainage and apply one ampoule (manually or by electrical currents) leaving it act for 10 minutes. There will be a little flushed in the area to facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients. End of treatment according to the chosen professional technique. Ionizable blistering through the negative pole.


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