Filorga Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Chest

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Repair and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep

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FILORGA | Filorga Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Chest

If you suffer a fatigue that is reflected in your face, you must apply a treatment that gives you vitality and light skin. Otherwise, your skin will turn off more and more, giving rise to signs of premature aging. The pack contains:

-Filorga chest anti-fatigue Sleep Recover: anti-fatigue cream to treat all signs of fatigue from your skin, while you sleep. Corrects dark circles and bags under the eyes, decongests traits of the face and puffy eyelids , and also corrects wrinkles and expression lines.

Thanks to the NCTF anti-ageing complex, with 53 anti-aging ingredients and effect "Mesotherapy", reinforces the skin of your face, improving their quality and appearance.

-C Recover: care and repair your skin while you sleep. It provides needed hydration that cells work optimally. Your skin will dawn rebuilt, smooth and more revitalized look.

The pack ideal for take care of your face while you sleep!

Instructions for use

1st. Open a dose by pressing the white plunger firmly to obtain pure vitamin C powder.

2nd. Then shake the bottle, remove the plunger and dispose of it.

3rd. Put in place the plug with the pipette and make sure screw it well. Then press the bulb and fill the pipette. And finally, unscrew.

4th. The product should be applied every morning, before applying the day cream, with a gentle massage on face, neck and neckline perfectly clean.


Pharmaceutical Advice

When the dose is opened, recommended use in within 7 days and keep it in a cool place.

It is advisable in the case of very sensitive skin, not alternating product Sleep and Peel in the evening with the product C-Recover in the morning.

Avoid this product to come into contact with the eyes and open wounds.




It works

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