Germinal 3.0 antiaging treatment 30amp + Germinal Immediate Action 5amp

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Revitalising Pack and anti-aging for mature skin

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GERMINAL | Germinal 3.0 antiaging treatment 30amp + Germinal Immediate Action 5amp

Blisters in dermocosmetics have many advantages. One of them is the correct dosage of the product can be applied without having to measure it. The other is that they can be in the bag for any occasion not requiring just space.

This anti-aging in blisters and revitalising pack contains the following products:

- 5 Germinal action immediate blisters consist of effective ingredients that help to fight against the traces of tiredness accumulated throughout the day.

Thanks to the vigorous components such as protein from corn or extract of ginseng, this product set an excellent aid to revitalize the tissues of our face and get a immediate lifting effect.

Application with blisters is simple and convenient, you should only choose the most suitable day time. The stretching and light effects projected on the facial dermis tend to have lasting approximately 8 hours, enough time for regain the purity and freshness that needs our face.

-Germinal 3.0 treatment antiaging 30amp: helps to make the oval of the face recovers definition and that will mitigate wrinkles thanks to its content in Kigali.

It also contains rosehip, with a regenerating action, firming and moulding of the skin, which helps it to produce its own collagen. This antiaging treatment also has in its composition Omega 3 and Omega 6 which contribute to moisturize in depth and to set makeup, and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

Instructions for use

-Immediate action germinal: use 1 vial face daily.

-Germinal 3.0 treatment antiaging: cada ampoule contains the amount indicated for two applications. Blister breaks, is placed the dispenser and apply on face and neck half the content with a gentle massage. Used in the morning on the clean skin.


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