Glucomen Lx Plus Set 1 pc

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If you have diabetes, you should always have a glucose test kit so that you can check your blood sugar levels at all times. Here's a simple and convenient way to find out what your blood glucose level is.

Glucomen Lx Plus Set is a practical set to measure glucose and ketone levels in the blood, preventing you from suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. It consists of a measuring system, a lancing device, and test strips that test your blood immediately.

It has a measurement time of 4 seconds with only a micro-sample of 0.3microL. It is the ideal way to regulate your diabetes and not suffer sudden rises or falls in blood sugar.

Take care of your health and control your diabetes!

Instructions for use

Use the lancing device to remove the sample, place it on the test strip and wait for the result.




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Very good product and best price

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