Iraltone 30caps

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Hair loss treatment to help strengthen and strengthen your scalp


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Iraltone | Iraltone 30caps

Hair loss has different causes: periods of physical and mental overexertion, sudden hormonal changes, stress, weight loss diets or poor and unbalanced nutrition. All these causes produce a loss of hair volume that can affect both our appearance and our self-esteem.

Iraltone is a food supplement that will help you fight hair loss and weakening thanks to its formulation rich in vitamins and other nutrients. This product is ideal for revitalizing fine, dull hair.

Its formulation will protect you from the causes of alopecia and fight against the hormonal causes that cause it, while controlling excessive sebum secretion.

Among its main assets are:

  • L-cysteine: important amino acid found in hair keratin.
  • Vitamins C and E: powerful antioxidants that help protect the hair bulb cells against oxidation damage.
  • Group B vitamins, zinc, copper and selenium: these nutrients will contribute to the maintenance and formation of hair under normal conditions.

Get a radiant, voluminous hair!

Instructions for use

It is recommended to start treatment with a shock plan of 2 capsules daily. After 15 days, take 1 capsule a day.