Leegeehaam Deep&Quick Ion Enhancer

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Facial device that maximizes the effect of masks. Korean cosmetics.

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Leegeehaam | Leegeehaam Deep&Quick Ion Enhancer

Leegeehaam Deep&Quick Ion Enhancer is an iontophoresis-based facial device that ensures optimal penetration of the active ingredients in Leegeehaam Wannabe masks. In this way, you will maximise its benefits as it will penetrate more quickly and deeply into the skin.

It has three levels of action depending on the type of skin and the desired intensity:

  • Level 1: blue led. Low intensity level, ideal for sensitive skin and daily use.
  • Level 2: lilac led. Medium intensity level, ideal for dry skin.
  • Level 3: red led. Maximum intensity level, recommended for oily skin.

In addition, the band design makes the application easy and practical by providing mobility during application;

Instructions for use

How to use Leegeehaam Deep&Quick Ion Enhancer 
Place the Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer on top of the face mask and tighten the circles so that they are centered,
select the desired level and leave on for 20 minutes.

*Do not use without mask