Lierac Pack Magnificence Serum 30ml + Hydragenist Mist 100ml

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LIERAC Pack Magnificence Serum 30ml + Hydragenist mist 100ml


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Lierac | Lierac Pack Magnificence Serum 30ml + Hydragenist Mist 100ml

This anti-aging care set from Lierac consists of the following products:


Lierac Magnificence Serum 30ml:

Anti-ageing serum for mature skin that reduces wrinkles and fine lines and tightens the skin. It refines the appearance of the skin and has an immediate invigorating effect.


Hydragenist freshness mist 100ml:

Oxygenating spray that moisturises and cushions the skin in the morning, smoothes the skin and refreshes the complexion.

Instructions for use

How is Lierac's anti-aging care set used?


Lierac Magnificence Serum: Apply directly to the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté before applying the usual care.


Hydragenist Freshening Mist: Spray onto dry skin in the morning after cleansing the face and before applying the usual care, keeping the spray bottle straight and spray 2-3 times. Keep your eyes closed and then massage in with your fingertips.



Lierac Magnificence Serum: main ingredients: Highly effective concentrate of the D-Glyox complex (silk tree, pomegranate blossom and liposome peptide), hyaluronic acid, hibiscus blossom extract, vitamins C and E.


Hydragenist Fresh Fog: Main ingredients: Hydra O2 Complex (oxygen-like minerals + hyaluronic acid + Vernonia leaves + vitamin concentrate), rose extract, Rhodiola Rosea extract.