Revital royal jelly drinkable ampoules 20 uts


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18,27 €

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Discover the benefits of Royal Jelly in your body, improve your defenses

20 ampollas bebibles

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Revital | Revital royal jelly drinkable ampoules 20 uts

During some specific times of the year, our body may show a higher than usual exhaustion, resulting from the influence of temperature changes, lack of food, the influence of stress at work or at school, or pollen allergies. Our defence system suffers from deficiencies and dysfunctions, which can lead to the appearance of illnesses, scabies and a feeling of continuous tiredness;

Revital Royal Jelly 20 pcs drinking ampoules is a food supplement presented in drinkable ampoules that acts on your body's well-being, enriching your diet with a complete base of royal jelly concentrate, which will act as a stimulator of the functions of your body's immune system;

The Royal Wish is a natural substance that provides energy and restorative support to the body, improving and optimizing the body's functions. With Revital Royal Jelly drinkable ampoules 20 pcs, you will enjoy its benefits, improving the nervous system and providing a stimulating, invigorating and rebalancing effect, with its daily consumption, will help to improve the natural defenses of your body, keeping it prepared against possible infections of mycoorganisms, viruses and bacteria;

Improve the well-being and vitality of your body with Revital Royal Jelly Drinkable Blisters 20 pcs;

Instructions for use

Take, preferably on an empty stomach, 1 ampoule of Revital Jelly royal jelly each morning 20 pcs;



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